Kailua Windsports Association

E Komo Mai (welcome) to beautiful Kailua Beach on windward O’ahu, home of Kailua Windsports Association where we enjoy nearly year round trade winds and an open bay that extends from the Ulupa’u Crater on the north end, across to the Mokulua Islands (“The Mokes”) towards the east. Because of these favored conditions, Kailua has been an epicenter of the windsports evolution for over five decades, beginning with the Hobie Catamaran craze in the early 1970’s, and the advent of windsurfing in 1975.

Today Kailua Beach is host to a wide array of other windsports ranging from kiteboarding to kitesurfing and wing foiling, as the bay offers a picturesque white sand beach, side-onshore winds and a variety of riding conditions. However, as the popularity and use of our beautiful beach has increased, so has the need for regulation. In the spirit of aloha, we welcome our incoming visitors but we also ask that you embrace a sense of mālama (take care) as we strive to meet the challenges and needs of the surrounding community. Please kokua (help) in our mission to preserve the windsports tradition of Kailua by respecting our local guidelines. Most of all, have fun and enjoy!